IPL Skin Tightening

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The Anti-Aging Treatment that works against gravity

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Naturalight IPL Skin Tightening Treatments

IPL skin-tightening treatments use intense pulsed light at specific wave lengths that are absorbed by the collagen-containing and fatty layers of the skin. When absorbed, this light will stimulate your body’s natural healing in the cells and connective tissues.  This causes your body to reproduce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid that may have been lost over time.  IPL Skin-Tightening is often done in conjunction with the regular IPL photo-facials for optimal results.

Collagen production gives you a lifted and tighter skin. Ideally, we treat your neck and the sides of your face to tighten the skin and overcome the effects of gravity. IPL Photo Facials and Skin Tightening combination treatments are the ultimate procedures for improved texture, whilst also lifting and smoothing the skin.

Instant results and the feeling of tighter skin are often seen. However, the reproduction of collagen normally takes 2 or 3 months, so you will continue to see improvements after your treatment.

Results are shown to last for over a year. This depends on the nature of your skin, your skin care regime after treatment and your exposure to UV & sunlight. It is important to use the recommended products. Yearly maintenance is required.

Skin-Tightening Treatments are generally quite comfortable, as well they are non-invasive and there is no downtime.

All our treatments start with a one to one consultation with your Viso Technician to understand your requirements. In some cases, you may find an alternative treatment may suit you better.

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