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Medicalia is suited for all skin types and a variety of skin issues from the most extreme sensitive skin to hyperpigmentation, to acne and dry, post treatment and post-surgery skin.

Medicalia truly is anti-aging at its finest.

Medicalia Skin Care products are dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and non-irritant. Medicalia uses an innovative technology called Biomimetic Technology, which restructures and processes man-made natural substances in identical repairing systems that mimic and replace the skin’s natural elements. In doing so, these multi-phase creams can address complex skin concerns and deliver increased stability, refined texture, and extreme efficacy for extraordinary results.

Medicalia uses 100% pharmaceutical grade ingredients (including pharmaceutical grade water) to create the purest, most high quality products. Medicalia guarantees refined products with a targeted delivery of active ingredients deep within the skin. Pure pharmaceutical grade sterile water facilitates all interaction.

In addition to all of its amazing technology, Medicalia is also packed with the most powerful ingredients from the safest source – nature. Medicalia unites the finest natural and botanical ingredients with advanced delivery systems for maximum absorbency and extraordinary results. Protecting our planet and maintaining affinity with nature and its precious resources is an integral part of Medicalia’s philosophy. Recyclable and biodegradable packaging further affirms our commitment.We are Calgary’s trusted spa source for Medicalia Skincare products.

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