IPL Therapy for:


• Rosacea • Facial Redness • Capillaries • Spider Veins • Superficial Vascular Lesions

Vascular Lesions can be a distressing problem for many individuals, but can quickly and easily be resolved with today’s available technology.

Typically 1–2 treatments are more than sufficient to see significant results. However, results inevitably vary depending on the number of veins being treated, as well as the color and the size of the veins. These laser treatments for vascular lesions are a quick and safe solution for:

• Broken capilliaries
• Rosacea
• Telangiectasias and other superficial vascular lesions.

The majority of patients find significant improvements within only a few treatments.

* Please note: We do not offer treatments for legs at this time. We also require you to schedule a consultation prior to treatment.