Photo-Facials & Skin Rejuvenation

Clear beautiful skin is in demand, and effectively treating superficial and benign vascular and pigmented lesions – including Telangiectasias, Rosacea, Poikiloderma and Angioma – has never been easier.

The IPL Naturalight Skin Eejuvenation Systems deliver industry-leading results you will love..

How Photo-Facials & Skin Rejuvenation Works

Highly selective light energies are absorbed by the hemoglobin and pigmented lesions, but not significantly absorbed by the normal dermis. Electrical energies selectively heat blood vessels – while minimizing the effect on pigmented structure.

Minimal to no down time…

Most people experience no side effects, though a few may exhibit some short-term local reddening. IPL advantages translate to enhanced patient comfort, convenience, and satisfaction.

Photo-Facials & Skin Rejuvenation

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